How do I read that title anywayz.. =.="
Putting that aside.. OMFG!!! This manga is so so so cool!! Its kind of border-line BL with all the "You're my only reason for existing" and "Don't leave me", "I want to see him" interaction between all those (cute cute) boys.. And the name calling! How could I forget the name calling.. "Haruki!" "Kazuki!" yeah... Not that I'm complaining. Mikka is very happy happy, yes.

On to the plot~ Well, its another life or death game scenario (with a 'between friends' bonus). I don't read a lot of those so the plot is really interesting to me! Plus, I kind of like how the 'player' (coughvictimscough) are coined as chess pieces.

So two friends, Haruki and Kazuki, are the 'kings' on opposite teams, and they have to kill the other to end the game, Di[e]ce. And only a 'king' can kill another 'king', so they have to kill each other. But! They are really really close friends (yeah right.. "friends") and they are not willing to kill each other. In each round, many innocent people will get involved and they will die, and the 'kings' will collect players whose role is to defend them. Currently, bishop and knight. Also, the 'Queen' has appeared, and helped Haruki, but she doesn't seem to be on anyone's side.. The third friend (of the other two), Yuki, was with Kazuki before he decided to go home. On the way, he got caught up in a Di[e]ce game and gain a new power (although it was reveled that he may have had it before). He is then saved by a member of some anti-Di[e]ce group. Later they saved him again when a clone of him was sent to kill him (along with all his family.. who sucked by the way), and was then brought back to their base (while unconscious). Then they realise that he is a 'pawn'; a chess piece that is pratically useless, but has the ability to become the strongest piece, the 'Queen" (lol! Isn't he a guy?) for the 'King's' sake, and plan to make use of him (bastards). The clone went to find Kazuki to kill him, but he ended up falling for Kazuki's "charms" and wanted to "become" Yuki so that he can stay with Kazuki..

So, I've read up till chapter 28.5, and the latest development is
1) Haruki has been awaken as a 'King', and he destroyed the place that Kazuki would need to go to awaken. So Kazuki is in a disadvantage.
2) Haruki also meet with the 'Queen'
3) Kazuki's bishop got kidnapped, and the clone is struggling between his job and Kazuki.
4) Yuki is still with that evil anti-Di[e]ce group.......
... Okay, they did save him, but they are some serious posers. They try to kill the 'Kings' to end the game, and they act so high and mighty while doing it, not to mention bloodthirsty. Aren't you enjoying this a little too much as "allies of justice" as they call themselves.. More like hero wannabes. Assholes... I know that they have no choice but to kill the 'kings', and his partners if necessary, to end the game, but they are victims too!! Can't they show a little respect to them as human beings!!?? Argh!!

I think I blabbered too much for one night. Adieu~

2012 Spring Anime List

So this is a little late to talk about 2012 spring anime but I'm going to talk about other seasons too. So.. Whatever.

What is wrong with the new anime recently?? Or is it just me? For the past 6 seasons, I actually watch finish less then 3-4 anime per season, and I'm a big anime fan. So.. this is a little worrisome.

This spring's line-up did get better though, since I'm watching 5 anime this time.
My 2 personal favorite: "Kuroko no Basuke" and "Hyouka".
I feel like I'm going to die every time I finish one episode, and I have to wait a WHOLE week for the next episode. And when it comes out, I'm like "OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!! ITS OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!" They are both super good, and if they keep being this good,they're going go onto my 'favorites'list.

So.. Now that I've revived my anime spirit, I might post other anime stuff here? If I actually summon the motivation to stress over what to write here.. I'm very not a bloggy kinda person..
*whisper* I write really bad.. Shhhh.

As a side effect, with my growing anime fixation, I get sucked back into the fanfiction craze and now I'm hunting for good YukioxRin fanfics.. Ooh~ Nasty~

I'm also have the tendency to jump from one type of fandom to another, so when I'm in one type of medium, I tend to stay submerged in mostly that one type than hop to the next after I exhaust my fixation. Currently its Anime->Manga->Anime->K-pop->Anime->K-pop->Anime-Manga->Anime (never-ending cycle)... Actually, no matter what I'm into, I still like fanfiction! Have to satisfy my yaoi urge~

..I totally went off track. But, its actually a semi-successful blog post?..!! So pats on the back for Mikka~ Bye~❤

Media modules.

May 6th, 2012.
Mikka is relieved she didn't choose social media as her course in Polytechnic.

I can only feel admiration for people who manage to get survey respondents! Why is it so hard??! We only need 80 people!! TT^TT

SimSimi app is a fan of Eunhyuk?

The SimSimi app is a robot that you can talk to, and it'll reply you. So yesterday, I was really bored and decided to play with it and I got some interesting answers! Mostly (all) about Eunhyuk! :)
The yellow blob is SimSimi, and the blue person is me! XD

Collapse )

I forgot to save the part where SimSimi denied Eunseo as Donghae's wife, cause Eunhyuk is Donghae's only wifey!!